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moshe feldenkrais Feb 25, 2020

Over the last year, a new approach to Functional Integration® has blossomed in my individual work. I call it 'Harmonizing' because that's what it feels like; a dynamic, three-dimensional way of working with a strong undercurrent of joining in action. In the past, I've used this idea at the end of my FI® lessons to help clients integrate their new learning in an upright position. But recently, a new avenue opened up, and I find myself giving entire lessons this way. I was surprised when it started happening; for a moment thought I'd invented something new. But then, I remembered that actually, this approach invented me.

In 1975, I was a student in the San Francisco Feldenkrais® Professional Training program when, on a Thursday or Friday toward the end of our second month, Moshe invited me to come to the front of the room and sit on the edge of his table. He began to work with me, and as I recall, his goal seemed to be to find an effortless path to bring me from sitting to standing. To a degree, I understood what was happening, and to a degree, it was a mystery. What he did was masterful and brilliant. I felt fortunate and was impressed by the way the lesson echoed inside me throughout the weekend.

On Monday, when the training resumed, Moshe again called me to come to the front of the classroom. There was an eagerness and mischievousness in him. Clearly, he had been satisfied or stimulated by our first encounter. After reviewing what we had done the previous week, he upped the ante. As I perched on the edge of the table, he threw my weight from one hip to the other in different configurations, taking my head down towards the floor one moment, and raising it high the next. 

Next, he put a roller under my feet and, while holding my head, quickly brought me to standing. He turned me, left and right, up and down, and then as if to say "you haven't seen anything yet," he got another roller and put one under each of my feet, parallel to each other. Again, holding me by my head, he brought me up to stand through a fantastic variety of angles. It was a wild ride, but Moshe was in control. I never felt close to falling. He moved me so quickly and so freely through space that I could not track myself and did not know how I kept my balance.

It's clear to me now that those two FI lessons, which have served as beacons for me over the years, are the inspiration for my 'new' FI approach. It's a rich way of working, and I'm looking forward to sharing it in my upcoming advanced trainings.


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