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Package Offer: Feldenkrais Method in Action, Volume One & Two

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Advanced Functional Integration Explained: A program for those who seek to understand Functional Integration as a methodology and a creative art form. 

Functional Integration is an improvisatory art form with the potential to transform human organization and restore lost function. 

"By adding narration to my FI videos, I can go into greater detail about my work than ever before. I can bring you along as I follow hunches and doubts until critical pieces of information emerge. I can also share relevant functional, biological, neurological, anatomical, psychological, and strategic aspects, as each lesson unfold."


The lessons in this series are not demonstrations designed to teach specific techniques. Each lesson is complete and generated specifically for the individual on the table, filmed during workshops, advanced trainings, and training programs. 

David owes the depth of his understanding to ten years of study with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, and forty years in private practice.

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Volume One includes:

  • The Productive Role of Doubt
  • Regaining Function in a 'Frozen' Shoulder
  • The Movement of the Hip Joint Depends on the Whole Self
  • Using the Tongue to Improve Co-ordination of the Eyes
  • Bonus Track! A Short Example of Joining with Soft Hands

Total viewing time: two hours and fifty minutes.

Volume Two includes: 

  • Lesson 1. Joining to Address Back Pain
  • Lesson 2. Using Instability to Organize Action
  • Lesson 3. A Engaging the Motor Cortex
  • Lesson 4. Expanding from Zero
  • Bonus Track

Total viewing time: three hours and forty minutes.

Upon purchase, this product can be streamed online and/or downloaded to your personal computer.