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Feldenkrais Access
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Whether you're new to the Feldenkrais Method® or a seasoned professional, Feldenkrais Access is here to help. We have added a fresh batch of materials and new releases to our collection, and are already working on the next one.

We are having fun here, and hope you will too.

How We Began

Feldenkrais Access was born when a small group of Feldenkrais training program students began filming their teacher, David Zemach-Bersin, at work. They filmed his Functional Integration sessions, in-class Awareness Through Movement lessons, advanced professional programs and workshops, and events with other distinguished Feldenkrais teachers. Now, a variety of these materials are available and the Feldenkrais Access team is busy working on new releases, and online learning opportunities.

About David

Feldenkrais Trainer and practitioner David Zemach-Bersin brings considerable experience to his curatorial position at Feldenkrais Access. He has maintained a Functional Integration practice for over forty years, and has taught in Feldenkrais Training programs for 35 years. He studied directly with Moshe Feldenkrais and graduated from the first US Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in 1977.

Our Team

  • Kaethe Zemach-Bersin, (left) writing and design

  • Carrie Hawkins-Charlton (center) graphic design
  • Ira Feinstein, (right) management and communications

  • Tiina Dohrmann, (left) program coordinator

  • Noe Kidder, (center) film and audio editing
  • Tundra McIntyre, (right) film and audio
  • Molly Schaffner, (not pictured) film and audio editing

About our Resources

Treat yourself to a Feldenkrais lesson with a world renowned teacher! Choose from a growing selection of Awareness Through Movement® lessons taught by David Zemach-Bersin during workshops and training programs. Use our introductory guide to help you get started.

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