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Join David Zemach-Bersin and friends online! Options include weekly theme-based classes and advanced trainings for Feldenkrais professionals.

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October 27-December 8

Live online or via recording


In this online series, Paris Kern will combine Feldenkrais lessons with a Feldenkrais-inspired approach known as the 'Sounder Sleep System®.' You will enjoy the benefits of full-length lessons and learn a collection of short movements that you can use during the day to support and develop your ability to return to a parasympathetic or relaxed neurological state whenever you wish. The lessons in this series will be gentle and accessible to everyone, helping you repair your relationship with sleep and access the many restorative benefits associated with a 'good night's sleep.'

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December 10

Live online or via recording


Your ankles are very important; they are designed to provide both stability and flexibility while supporting our body. When your ankles are well-organized, they support your weight more efficiently, and allow your knees and hips to move freely and comfortably. 

In this three-hour workshop with David Zemach-Bersin, you will learn two ‘first-aid’ oriented, pain-relieving lessons to optimize the health and comfort of your ankles.

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December 15

Live online or via recording


Many people experience higher than normal levels of stress at this time of the year (ourselves included). We have more inflammation, more muscular tension, and more anxiety than usual. So, from all of us at Feldenkrais Access, here's something to help you survive -and thrive! Two FREE stress-reducing Feldenkrais lessons that you can do online, in the comfort of your home, with one of the world's finest Feldenkrais teachers.

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January 12-February 23

Live online or via recording


For almost 50 years, David has applied the Feldenkrais Method to solving the riddle of back pain. He looks forward to sharing a series of unique Feldenkrais lessons constructed to help you reduce back pain, stimulate your natural healing processes, and help you to avoid back problems in the future.

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Feldenkrais Access aims to make the Feldenkrais Method accessible to everyone. If you're interested in joining us for an online series or workshop but can't do so due to limited funds, please read this article about our scholarship program. 
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