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Join David Zemach-Bersin and friends online! Options include weekly theme-based classes and advanced trainings for Feldenkrais professionals.

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October 5- November 9, 2021

Live online or via recording


Raz Ori has spent the past decade studying the role that our eyes play in our perceptions and actions. In this series, he will present Feldenkrais lessons to help you improve the organization of your eyes individually, together, and with your whole self. Re-activate natural visual biological abilities that are no longer present in our daily life. 

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November 4-December 16, 2021

Live online or via recording


This may be one of the most important classes we have ever offered! Sitting for extended periods of time is not easy for our body. In this series, David Zemach-Bersin presents gentle Feldenkrais lessons to reduce the stress of sitting on your skeletal system and musculature and give you better options. Join us for a free intro class Thursday, October 28.

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November 5- 7, 2021

Live online or via recording


This exquisitely crafted and joyful seminar of learning will include short meditations, awareness practices, movement lessons, and interactive talks and conversations. Russell and Linda Delman look forward to sharing two capacities they describe as "essential to shaping our individual and collective futures": Presencing and Re-Visioning. New teachings will be offered, as well as some old favorites. This event is open to everyone! 

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Feldenkrais Access aims to make the Feldenkrais Method accessible to everyone. If you're interested in joining us for an online series or workshop but can't do so due to limited funds, please read this article about our scholarship program. 
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