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Join David Zemach-Bersin and friends online! Options include weekly theme-based classes and advanced trainings for Feldenkrais professionals.

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February 29-April 4

Live online and on-demand


This six-week series with Maggy Burrowes is designed to tune up your respiratory and digestive systems, improve the functioning of your eyes, throat, and pelvic floor, create greater freedom and ease in your vocal structures, and improve the movement coordination of your head, spine, and pelvis. First class free. 

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March 30-31

Live online and on-demand


If it is pinched or compressed, the sciatic nerve can become inflamed and cause discomfort.  Fortunately, doing Feldenkrais lessons can help us to make a significant difference in reducing most cases of sciatic pain. In this two-day workshop, David Zemach-Bersin will share a set of Feldenkrais lessons designed to help you avoid, reduce, and eliminate sciatic pain. 

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About Scholarships

Feldenkrais Access aims to make the Feldenkrais Method accessible to everyone. If you're interested in joining us for an online series or workshop but can't do so due to limited funds, please read this article about our scholarship program. 
Additionally, if you live somewhere with an unfavorable exchange rate, please consider our currency assistance program.

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