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"Feldenkrais® practitioners and students have more to study with today than my peers and I had when we were developing as teachers. Even though Moshe was still alive, we had few materials or mentors. Now there are many teachers to learn from, each with valuable perspectives. One of the things this website will offer is my contribution to the conversation in the form of writings, mentoring, and both film and audio recordings."

Teacher Mentoring

Options for studying with David Zemach-Bersin

While it's ideal to be together in person to work on Functional Integration®, I'm finding that a surprising amount can be achieved from a distance. Thus, I plan to spend more time mentoring serious students virtually. Please contact me if you'd like to schedule a time to refine your Awareness Through Movement® teaching, improve your Functional Integration skills, or deepen your understanding of the art and theory of the Feldenkrais Method®.


Upcoming Events

Primordial Connections:
A New Advanced Training

New York, New York, 

February 28-March 1, 2020

Featured Resources

The Principle of Oppositional Movement

Olena Nitefor and David Zemach-Bersin present original Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration lessons to demonstrate and evoke the reorganizing effect of oppositional movement in a variety of orientations including working with rollers, sitting and prone.


Harmonizing in Functional Integration

David Zemach-Bersin demonstrates a highly innovative approach in Functional Integration. During nineteen FI encounters with Feldenkrais Practitioners in Devon, England, David shares a radical three-dimensional way of working that can be extremely effective and full of insights for the serious Feldenkrais Practitioner.


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