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While sheltering in place, we are committed to helping you access great online Feldenkrais materials. We hope that our collection of filmed workshops and audio programs will help you to take care of yourself and others in this challenging time. We are so busy recording, editing, and getting new programs ready to share, that somehow, even while isolated, we also feel connected: Welcome to Feldenkrais Access and David Zemach-Bersin's developing online Feldenkrais studio.

Featured Resources

Soothe & Calm

To help you through these challenging times, David Zemach-Bersin has recorded 5 free Soothe & Calm audio lessons.  Safe and short, these sensory-learning exercises are 15-25 minutes long and will bring your brain and body back to a relaxed, restorative neurological state. 

New! Healthy Hands

Without knowing it, most of us aren’t taking care of our hands. The solution is not just changing your hand movements, but changing your brain. This short program by David Zemach-Bersin will help you do just that!


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