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While sheltering in place, we are committed to helping you access great online Feldenkrais materials. We hope that our collection of filmed workshops and audio programs will help you to take care of yourself and others in this challenging time. We are so busy recording, editing, and getting new programs ready to share, that somehow, even while isolated, we also feel connected. Welcome to Feldenkrais Access and David Zemach-Bersin's developing online Feldenkrais studio.

Join Us Online in 2021

Online: May 20-June 24

In this six-week series with Feldenkrais Trainer, David Zemach-Bersin, you will learn how to use the inherent neuroplastic capacities of your brain to create a healthier and calmer neuromuscular organization. You’ll discover a harmonious internal state in which your breathing becomes slow and full, movement becomes easier and more pleasurable, and your posture spontaneously develops a new, healthier equilibrium.

Online: May 29-30

This workshop presents the principle of oppositional movement in different orientations than during the New York City and online advanced training. Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration will be used to evoke the re-organizing effect of oppositional movement. Participants will regain access to their own endowment of counterbalance within action and learn how to use the same principles to increase the potency of their Functional Integration lessons.


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