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The Feldenkrais Method® fascinates us. We love its hows and whys, its benefits and applications. That's why we are proud to present this collection of filmed workshops and audio programs, and David Zemach-Bersin's developing online Feldenkrais studio.

Featured Resources

Learning from Moshe Feldenkrais in the Tel-Aviv Training

A beautifully filmed workshop with Ruthy Alon in which she shares memories and select notes from the first Feldenkrais® Training Program. This not to be missed workshop also includes five ATM®s, fourteen FI® demos, and six Q&A sessions!


Improving Posture 101

Interacting with your nervous system on behalf of your body, these lessons are designed to reduce back pain and facilitate the development of new postural habits which are protective, shock-absorbing, and improve your balance and ease of movement.


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