Harmonizing in Functional Integration

with David Zemach-Bersin

In this remarkable film, David Zemach-Bersin demonstrates a highly innovative approach to Functional Integration. During nineteen FI encounters with Feldenkrais Practitioners in Devon, England, David shares a radical three-dimensional way of working that can be extremely effective and full of insights for the serious Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Almost like a two-person dance, this dynamic approach is efficacious for both Practitioner and student. It allows the Practitioner to work with the student’s essential adaptations to gravity and to support and move the student within and outside their polygon of sustentation, while sitting. And, it gives the student a bright and vivid opportunity to experience their skeletal support system, explore new options in movement, and respond in a way that improves their organization, mobility, and sense of well-being. This series exemplifies high-level Functional Integration.

"David is an extraordinary teacher, a true master of the Feldenkrais Method and a gifted presenter of the Functional Integration process. One of the most exciting ideas in the Feldenkrais Method is that improvement can be induced by addressing "the best of the person" rather than by addressing the person's difficulty. In this workshop, David Zemach-Bersin systematically and creatively demonstrates the application of this idea. Learning emerges from joining with the person and receives tangible shape and form in David's Functional Integration demonstrations."

-Raz Ori, Feldenkrais Trainer

Curious? Watch this demo:

Teleceptors Organize the Head & Neck


Nine hour program includes:

  • Nineteen FI demos with commentary and explanation
  • Five ATM lessons
  • Three lectures
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • Option to download videos 

Functional Integration Demos:

  • Moving the Whole Self from One Vertebrae
  • The Counterbalancing Spine
  • Basic Self-Organization
  • The Relationship Between the Adductors and the Abdominals
  • The High Yield of Doing Less
  • Using the Jaw to Restore the Movement of the Neck
  • Lengthening Through Shortening
  • Arching Through Rounding
  • Restoring Symmetrical Counter-Balancing
  • The Attraction to Symmetry
  • Expanding the Quality of Sensation
  • The Teleceptors Organize the Head and Neck
  • Expanding from Zero
  • Finding the Best of the Person
  • Potentiating Action
  • Rounding to Stand Tall
  • Sensing Variance in the Spine
  • Individuating the Cervical Spine
  • The Interplay Between Vision and Organization

ATM lessons included (audio-only):

  • Articulating the Cervical Spine
  • Spiral Movements of the Spine
  • The Dynamics of Weight Shifting
  • As Above, So Below
  • Spirals with Ultra Lightness

Lectures included:

  • The Path to Soft Hands
  • The Spontaneous Self Organizing Property of Biological Systems
  • Alleviating the Problem by Relating to the Whole

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About David


Feldenkrais Trainer David Zemach-Bersin met Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in 1973 and studied with him for ten years in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. David also studied with Gaby Yaron and Yochanon Rywerant. He has maintained a private Functional Integration practice since 1977 and is recognized for his contribution to strengthening Dr. Feldenkrais’s legacy. A graduate of UC Berkeley with post-graduate work in physiological psychology, David has created numerous audio and video programs and is the co-author of Relaxercise (HarperCollins). David is a past President of FGNA and co-founder of Feldenkrais Resources, the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, the Feldenkrais Foundation. David directs and teaches in Feldenkrais professional training programs around the world. He has been teaching online since April 2020 and is the founder and director of Feldenkrais Access. He lives with his family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.