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Exploring Your Core


Your pelvis provides the effective power behind virtually all your movements and actions. Developing Your Core Ability & Agility is dedicated to helping you improve how you use your pelvis- the "power center" of your body- to promote coordinated and efficient action, upright stability, better balance, and comfortable, easy mobility.

In this on-demand program, Dwight Pargee presents a sophisticated Feldenkrais perspective on cultivating 'core' health, a subject that many of us have questions about. Knowing how to improve the neuromuscular organization of your pelvis in relation to the rest of your body can profoundly increase your sense of strength, structure, support, flexibility, balance, power, and energy.

The lessons will help you notice habits of action and movement that 'work against you' and provide you with the means to replace those habits with more efficient, pleasant, and beneficial ways of moving. They will gradually build to improve your overall coordination, comfort, and sense of well-being. 

Curious? Check out Dwight's interview about core ability, the Feldenkrais Method, Pilates, and more. 

Benefits you can expect to gain from this program:

  • Improved upright posture that is 'ready for action'
  • Ability to move with a greater sense of integrated, whole-body movement
  • Improved coordination and movement fluidity
  • Develop better musculoskeletal support
  • Greater dynamic stability
  • Reduce tension and fatigue as you move with more efficiency and greater freedom
  • Refine your movement for greater comfort and pleasure in your life

"This week's lessons have culminated in a lot of change for me! Thank you for these classes, Dwight — I find them more valuable than gold."


Program includes:
  • Five Feldenkrais lessons
  • Two Q&A sessions
  • Lifetime access to recordings and option to download
  • Information to help you adapt the lessons to alternative positions

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$102 NZD

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About Dwight

Dwight Pargee, MS, lives in Bend, Oregon, and has a varied personal practice clientele ranging from elite professional athletes, musicians, and actors to people with chronic pain issues, traumatic injuries, or those simply wanting to move and act more efficiently and gracefully. He has a special interest in dynamic balance and stability, applied biomechanics, and neuromuscular learning. Dwight has studied the movement sciences, martial arts, and Zen meditation for the last 30 years and holds degrees in Exercise Science & Kinesiology; and is internationally certified as a Feldenkrais Movement Educator and an Assistant Trainer in Professional Training Programs as well being a Strength and Conditioning Performance Coach. Find out more: www.movaido.co