This online workshop with Chava Shelhav, Ph.D., is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the developmental stages of early childhood and sharpen your ability to make important observations. By improving our understanding of how childhood habit patterns affect us in adulthood, Chava will provide us with practical tools for improving our practice as Feldenkrais Teachers.

Recent research indicates that motor skills develop concurrently with equilibrioception (sense of balance), spatial orientation, coordination, perception, and sense of self and self-awareness. These skills are essential to the development of our emotional and cognitive systems. Therefore, a lack of maturation or disruption of these skills at an early age may profoundly affect the entire self.

Moshe Feldenkrais based his method on the motor and psychic development of the individual. He researched the components and stages of development, and this knowledge is essential to know how to encounter a person during a Feldenkrais session. Chava’s teaching utilizes research in neuroscience and emphasizes the influence of early development on the individual and their social self. She will demonstrate how a better understanding of the developmental stages can contribute to a wider perspective of both ATM and FI lessons.

"During my Ph.D. research working with adults with chronic pain, anxiety, and behavioral issues, I realized that many of these challenges originated during the early stages of development. Studying with Dr. Feldenkrais gave me an understanding of the mechanisms of human movement development and how movement is connected to our senses, awareness, and maturation. Sharing the skills, knowledge, and principles I learned from Dr. Feldenkrais has become my life’s work."

-Chava Shelhav, Ph.D.

About Chava

Chava Shelhav, Ph.D., was one of the first fourteen students trained by Dr. Feldenkrais. She continued to work with him for many years and acted as his assistant in the Amherst training. She went on to earn her MA degree from Boston University and her Ph.D. from Heidelberg University. Chava has achieved distinction through her work with infants and children. During the last forty years, as she trained thousands of students and witnessed the growing need for working with healthy and special needs babies, she developed “Child’Space” - a method of developmental coaching that applies Feldenkrais theory to working with babies and their caregivers.

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