Triptych of a vintage medical illustration of Lumbar Vertebrae, pink and yellow lotus flowers growing in pond with green lily pads, and close up of the face of bronze smiling Buddha statue as an illustration of online Feldenkrais Access Sampler lessons

Gift the many benefits of Feldenkrais exercises to your family and friends!

Have you been looking for an opportunity to introduce your friends or loved ones to the Feldenkrais Method? Give them (or yourself) a Feldenkrais Access Sampler!

David Zemach-Bersin, Founder of Feldenkrais Access, has been a Feldenkrais Teacher and Trainer for over forty years and is considered to be one of its premier teachers. His presentation of the Feldenkrais Method is the perfect way to introduce others to its restorative magic.

The Feldenkrais Access Sampler includes five highly accessible Feldenkrais lessons with David Zemach-Bersin. These lessons are for everyone, and will benefit beginners as well as those experienced with the Feldenkrais Method.  Each one is designed to communicate valuable sensory-motor information between your brain and body, and can help to bring about a wide range of exciting improvements including better posture, improved movement, better balance, greater flexibility, increased comfort, and brain health.

How it Works

If you're giving the Sampler as a gift: We will email you a link and code, plus a gift certificate to share with the recipient when you're ready to give them the sampler. 

To enjoy their gift, your friend will use that information to create their personal Feldenkrais Access Library. It’s quick and easy; and we're here to help make sure they are successful.

When your friend enters their online Feldenkrais Access Library, they will find their gift set waiting for them!

If you're purchasing the program for yourself: Upon purchase, we will email you a link and a code. Follow that link, log into your library, and use the code to add the program to your library.

"Subtle and soothing to my nervous system, David Zemach-Bersin's classes are delivered in a very personable manner. I have been absolutely blown away by how after very few lessons, my healing improves drastically."

-Cheri LePage

The sampler set includes:
  • Five Awareness Through Movements lessons taught by David Zemach-Bersin
  • One bonus lesson taught by Feldenkrais Trainer Ruthy Alon
  • Soothe & Calm audio program, a series of short stress-reducing lessons 
  • 50% off coupon for purchase of one of the programs featured in sampler, should they wish to add it to their library
  • User's Guide and tips for self-care
  • Lifetime access to recordings
  • Option to download recordings
Lessons included:
  1. 'Rounding and Arching for Better Posture' from Posture for Life
  2. 'Articulating Your Spine' from Liberate Your Spine
  3. 'Comfortable Rolling for Health' from 10 Lessons for Health & Recovery
  4. 'Connecting Your Tongue' from Liberate Your Mouth & Jaw
  5. 'Softening Your Chest' from Reducing the Body Pattern of Stress & Anxiety 
  6. Bonus Lesson! 'Swimming with Your Feet' taught by Feldenkrais Trainer Ruthy Alon from Learning from Moshe Feldenkrais in the Tel-Aviv Training

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Pay in Kiwis

$26 NZD

Reg $40. Sale ends June 30

David Zemach-Bersin smiling in front of a colorful tapestry

About David

David Zemach-Bersin graduated from the first Feldenkrais training held in the U.S. He directs Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs and teaches in programs around the world. David has maintained a continual private practice since 1977, working with both adults and children. He is recognized for forty-five years of dedication to the Feldenkrais Method and for his contribution to preserving Dr. Feldenkrais’ legacy. David served as President of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America and is the Co-Founder of Feldenkrais Resources, the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, and the Feldenkrais Foundation. David is known as a warm, highly skilled, and enthusiastic teacher. He currently directs Feldenkrais Access and has been teaching classes online for both Feldenkrais Practitioners and the public since 2020. He lives in Farmington Valley, Connecticut.