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Thursdays, February 29-April 4

12:00 PM -1:15 PM EST
5:00 PM-6:15 PM GMT
6:00 PM-7:15 PM CET
7:00 PM-8:15 PM IST


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Connecting to Your Center


Feldenkrais Access is delighted to present a six-week series with guest Feldenkrais Teacher Maggy Burrowes, designed to help us improve the coordination of the internal structures that keep our senses and organs, the movements of our spine, and our internal "plumbing" in good working order.

Throughout the body, systems of ring muscles (sphincters) and sheet muscles (diaphragms) are constantly in motion, working together to organize our breathing, digestion, and circulation. Together with the powerful muscles of our spine, our ring and sheet muscle systems form our true "core," and attending to these systems can offer tremendous therapeutic benefits. 

The Feldenkrais lessons in this series will help you to tune up your respiratory and digestive systems, improve the functioning of your eyes, throat, and pelvic floor, create greater freedom and ease in your vocal structures, and improve the movement coordination of your head, spine, and pelvis.

Curious? Watch a replay of Maggy's live chat to find out more!

This class series will give you:

  • New ways to improve issues related to continence
  • Greater freedom and ease of breathing
  • Better organization of your tongue and throat
  • Greater ease in your facial muscles, including those of your eyes and mouth
  • Improved understanding of your larynx and vocal structures
  • A stronger and more integrated sense of your inner "core"

"Your guidance, structure, and pacing were exquisite. I've explored some of these areas inside myself, but not to this depth!"

-Previous Program Participant

Registration includes:
  • Six Feldenkrais¬†lessons
  • Two live¬†Q&A sessions
  • Information to help you adapt the lessons to alternative positions
  • Lifetime access to recordings and option to download

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About Maggy

Maggy Burrowes became interested in the Feldenkrais Method in 1986 after studying movement for many years, particularly Tai Chi and Martha Graham-based dance. She joined the first London Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in 1987 and began teaching Awareness Through Movement classes in 1989. She went on to develop an awareness-based voice and singing teaching system called The Potent Voice, to help people increase their vocal freedom, ease, and authenticity, improve their speaking voice, and their listening, hearing, and communication skills. Today, Maggy teaches privately in colleges, universities, and adult education centers in the UK and abroad. A warm and knowledgeable teacher, Maggy's perspective is joyful, sophisticated, and experienced.