"Feldenkrais has been such a gift to me as I learn the external sensory cues of my internal emotional landscape.  Thank you for providing me with such a transformative tool of self-reflection."




David Zemach-Bersin shares a selection of soothing Feldenkrais exercises to help you calm and relax your body and nervous system. As accumulated stress and tension melt away, your breathing will improve, and you'll regain a sense of inner balance.

Ideally, after periods of stress, our nervous system returns naturally to a restful neurological state. But this doesn't always happen because our nervous system can become habituated or stuck in a "flight or fight" mode that is deleterious to our physical and emotional health. Because Feldenkrais exercises work so directly with the brain and nervous system, they can be especially effective in helping us regain a healthy balance between relaxation and tension. Being 'on edge' and ready for action even when danger is not near, indicates an over-active 'sympathetic' nervous system. It is helpful to know how to return yourself to a restful, 'parasympathetic' neurological state.

"In this set, I share some of the Feldenkrais lessons that I rely on, myself, to quiet my nervous system when I’m under stress or my mind is overactive. -DZB

Three-plus hour program includes:

  • Four ATM lessons
  • Two Q&A sessions
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • Option to download videos

Lessons included:

  1. Using the Cortical Dominance of Your Hands and Fingers to Improve Your Mood and Muscular Tonus
  2. Letting go Through Movement
  3. Finding Calm Through Rolling
  4. Using Your Hands to Calm Your Nervous System

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$50 CAD


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€43 EUR


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£38 GBP


Pay in Aus Dollars

$55 AUD


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₪130 ILS


About David

David Zemach-Bersin is a Feldenkrais Trainer. He studied with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in person, and graduated from the first Feldenkrais training held in the U.S. He is a warm, experienced teacher, recognized for his high level of expertise and forty-five years of dedication to the Feldenkrais Method. David has maintained a private practice since 1977. He currently directs Feldenkrais Access, and has been creating programs and teaching classes and workshops online for both Feldenkrais Practitioners and the public since 2020. He lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.