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Integration vs. Differentiation: Advanced Strategies in Functional Integration

Integration vs. Differentiation, an outstanding Functional Integration oriented advanced training with Ruthy Alon, was filmed in Australia, in 2010.

In these invaluable videos, we see Ruthy Alon at her most brilliant and generous, all while demonstrating her profoundly diverse and creative Functional Integration® skills. We observe Ruthy working with a variety of participants in a variety of positions including on the stomach, back, side, sitting and standing, as well as detailed and sophisticated work with the head and neck, shoulders and chest. She pays special attention to the integration work at the end of a lesson and generates a variety of ways to connect her work on the table, with sitting, standing and walking. It is a virtuoso two-day workshop.

Integration vs Differentiation includes over four and a half hours of Functional Integration demonstrations and two Awareness Through Movement® lessons.

Note: Due to sound quality issues, we have added optional closed captions for streaming, However, closed caption are NOT available when this program is downloaded.

Advanced FI® Strategies explored:

  • Integration and the Use of Pressure from Above and Below
  • Rhythmical Differentiation
  • Connecting the Feet and the Head
  • Differentiating the Neck
  • Moving the Head in the Axis of the Spine
  • Moving the Neck and the Head in a Side to Side Arc
  • Moving From Sitting to Standing in a Variety of Ways
  • Softening the Chest and the Neck
  • Integration Through the Arms
  • Connecting the Thorax and the Head
  • Zig-zag Movements of the Thorax and the Head
  • Lecture on Axial Support
  • Organizing Through the Ground Force
  • On the Stomach: Preparation for Creeping
  • Differentiation on the Stomach
  • Softening the Chest
  • On the Stomach: Differentiating the Shoulder and the Chest Leading into Propulsive Movement
  • Integration in a Variety of Positions

ATM®s included:

  • Finding Thoracic Flexibility Through Specific Limb Configurations
  • Primary Differentiation 

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About Ruthy

Ruthy Alon lives in Jerusalem, Israel, and is a first generation Feldenkrais® Trainer. Ruthy graduated from Dr. Feldenkrais’ first training program and is the author of Mindful Spontaneity, the creator of the Bones for Life  program, Solutions for Optimal Mobility, and many other audio and video programs. A cherished teacher, Ruthy is a master at deciphering complex patterns of movement and creating solutions for improving them. Her teaching style empowers students to comprehend the work on their own, and experience a sense of deep personal success.

The Feldenkrais Method® has been the central axis of Ruthy’s development and professional contributions for over half a century. She has taught the Feldenkrais approach for the improvement of human functioning all over the world.