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DISCLAIMER: Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement audio or video lessons are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have any kind of medical condition, consult your medical practitioner about using these programs. Though the exercises or lessons are gentle and should be done slowly and easily, we cannot offer any warranty for their effectiveness. Responsibility for the exercises is necessarily the user's.

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Seeing Clearly

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What People Are Saying:

I learned of David Webber in Norman Doidge's book 'The Brain's Way of Healing.' I had already been legally blind from glaucoma for several years. Seeing Clearly has helped me to make the best and most efficient use of what vision I have left, and in a more general way, I now have an improved sense of spatial awareness and physical balance.

-Randall Chan

As an ophthalmologist, I combine traditional western medicine with complementary approaches. Seeing Clearly uses the inherent plasticity of the brain to stimulate new functional resources and integrate the eyes, neck, hands, and entire body. The resulting improvement in vision is both rapid and impressive!

-Christine Dolezal, M.D.

David Webber…was blind from the age of forty-three until he cured himself using his own application of Dr. Feldenkrais’ understanding of the brain and mind. By accessing the remarkable, and natural ability of your brain to change, improve and heal itself you can relearn to improve virtually the whole visual system...

-Norman Doidge, M.D.