Rib cage with multi-colored arrows pointing up as an illustration of online Feldenkrais Method lessons for Uncaged: Six Feldenkrais Classes to Restore Flexibility

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Restoring Your Base Rhythm


To do this lesson, please lie comfortably on the floor, on a mat or rug. If necessary, you can lie on a bed, without pillows. If lying down is not an option, and you wish to adapt the lesson to a seated position, please use the visual guide offered by Nadia Genois, the Feldenkrais Practitioner who is doing the lesson while sitting. She is shown on the video periodically.

David Zemach-Bersin's program of nine innovative Feldenkrais classes designed to activate the rhythmic dynamics that facilitate comfort and ease in all our movements.

From the external forces that shape our lives, to the internal dynamics of the human body, life is a lot more rhythmic than you may realize! Consider the rhythms of day and night, high and low tides, and the constant cycle of seasons. Our internal rhythms include the beating of our heart, the alternating movement of our breathing, the electrical rhythms of our brain, and the pulse-like circulation of our internal fluids and digestion. And, our movement patterns are rhythmic too!

In this program, David  presents Feldenkrais lessons that use rocking, oscillating, alternating, and rolling movements to make dramatic improvements in your musculoskeletal and neurological organization. When you move in cooperation with these natural rhythms, all of your movements will be easier, freer, more comfortable, safer, and less stressful. 

The Feldenkrais exercises, or 'lessons' in this program will improve your flexibility and posture, reduce pain and discomfort, reduce anxiety and stress, and help you to feel more confident in your mobility. They will help to bring your nervous system into a restorative state and be pleasurable and accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of experience with the Feldenkrais Method.

"I have been interested in the value of rhythmic movements for a long time, and I was pleased to learn that research confirms the fact that rhythmic movements can be used therapeutically to help people soothe themselves, reduce pain, and improve their ability to move."

-David Zemach-Bersin

Program includes:
  • Nine¬†Feldenkrais¬†lessons
  • Three Q&A sessions
  • Information to help you adapt the lessons to alternative positions
  • Lifetime access to recordings and option to download

Payment Options

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$144 USD


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$160 CAD


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‚ā¨136 EUR


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£116 GBP


Pay in Aus Dollars

$180 AUD


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‚ā™435 ILS


Pay in Kiwis

$196 NZD

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About David

David Zemach-Bersin graduated from the first Feldenkrais training held in the U.S. He is a warm, and encouraging Feldenkrais Teacher and Trainer, widely recognized for his contribution to the Feldenkrais Method and the depth of his experience. David has maintained a private practice since 1977. He is proud to direct Feldenkrais Access and has been teaching classes and workshops online exclusively, since 2020. He lives in the Farmington Valley area of Connecticut.