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Thursdays, April 11-May 30

12:00 PM -1:30 PM EDT 
5:00 PM-6:15 PM BST
6:00 PM-7:15 PM CEST
7:00 PM-8:15 PM IDT


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The First Step to a Relaxed Neck


Your neck is extremely important. Does it feel comfortable and flexible, or is it tense and sore? If you have neck pain, don't ignore it. Pain is valuable information. It's a signal giving you information that matters. 

A stiff neck can affect your mood and sense of well-being and limit your activities. But that's not all. Neck pain can worsen and become more complicated over time, involving pinched nerves that cause discomfort in your arms and hands. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be part of your life. Feldenkrais lessons can help you to soothe and relax your neck, improve its organization, and protect its health in the future.

Feldenkrais Teacher and founder of Feldenkrais Access, David Zemach-Bersin been developing his expertise in helping people with neck pain for over fifty years. He is looking forward to addressing this important subject in greater depth and detail than in his previous neck-related courses: Liberate Your Neck & Shoulders and Neck Relief. Over the course of eight online Feldenkrais lessons, you will learn how to respond to the warning signs when neck problems begin, and have a set of gentle therapeutic sensory-motor exercises on hand that you can turn to for relief whenever neck pain strikes.

Registration includes:
  • Eight¬†Feldenkrais¬†lessons
  • Three¬†live¬†Q&A sessions
  • A set of intervention exercises to use throughout the day
  • Assistance during the live lessons, if needed
  • Information to help you adapt the lessons to alternative positions
  • Lifetime access to recordings and option to download

"After being diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck, I did David's Feldenkrais lessons for a week and now the tingling in my arm is almost gone!"

-Previous Program Participant

Payment Options

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  • Feldenkrais trainees & essential workers save an extra 20% with the coupon code NECKTWENTY

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About David

Feldenkrais Trainer, David Zemach-Bersin graduated from the first Feldenkrais training held in the U.S. He is a warm, experienced teacher, recognized for his high level of expertise and forty-five years of dedication to the Feldenkrais Method. David has maintained a private practice since 1977. He currently directs Feldenkrais Access and has been creating programs and teaching classes and workshops online for both Feldenkrais Practitioners and the public since 2020. He lives with his wife and collaborator in Connecticut.