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David Webber wearing red and black plaid scarf holding a multicolored ball in one hand and other hand outstretched as an illustration of online Feldenkrais Method lessons for Seeing Clearly


Activate your brains potential for visual repair and improvement with a gentle program developed by David Webber.



When David Webber developed a chronic inflammatory eye condition called uveitis, he went to the doctor. That doctor led him to another doctor, and then another, and another. Five years and five surgeries later, the specialists gave up hope, and David was left to rebuild his life with only a prescription for prednisone to help with the pain and inflammation. The disease robbed him, not only of his sight, but also his livelihood, and, as he put it, "everything I knew of as who I was."

Unable to do very much, David started taking Feldenkrais lessons. Though at first, it was mostly to get out of the house, the Feldenkrais lessons put him on a path from 'legally blind' to 20/20 vision. What David discovered was how to improve his eyes by improving the movement of his body. Drawing upon his own successful experience, David Webber created Seeing Clearly, a program designed to help others improve their eyesight, decrease the symptoms of uveitis, reduce the symptoms of computer vision syndrome, lessen their dependence on glasses, and reduce jaw tension. Taught all over the world, the results have been astounding.

Seeing Clearly interacts with your brain and nervous system to reduce muscular tension in your eyes, increase ocular circulation, improve movement and focus, and enhance the coordination between your eyes, brain, and body.

With this program, you will learn how to:

  1. Calm your nervous system and relax the muscles of your eyes to increase ocular circulation.
  2. Improve the way your eyes move to look comfortably in all directions and avoid unnecessary strain.
  3. Direct your eyes with greater precision to focus effectively both near and far.
  4. Enhance the coordination between your brain, eyes, and body to improve your 3D vision and balance.

"David Webber's Seeing Clearly program has helped me regain 60% of my lost vision due to non-age-related macular degeneration. Despite multiple laser surgeries and eye injections, I'd completely lost the vision in my right eye. Determined to try and help myself, I stumbled upon the work of David Webber. Within about three weeks, my vision started to return. The improvements are real and significant - the results are evident in my monthly eye tests and scans. My retinologist is supportive to the point that he has suggested Seeing Clearly to other patients. I highly recommend David Webber's work to anyone with an eye condition!"

-Sherry Owen, Montreal, QC, Canada

Ten-plus hour program includes:

  • Nine Feldenkrais lessons
  • Four Action Processes
  • Six discussions
  • Lifetime access to recordings
  • Option to download recordings

For this program you will need:

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David Webber holds a wooden ball in his left hand

About David

David Webber (1954-2018) was a highly respected Feldenkrais Practitioner who made groundbreaking advances in our understanding of eye health. After suffering an inflammatory illness at 43, David was declared legally blind. When surgical interventions failed to help, David began using Feldenkrais exercises in hopes of restoring his visual system. It worked; David succeeded in significantly improving his eye health and vision. He went on to develop Seeing Clearly to help others improve their vision and eye health. David's story of healing was featured in the internationally bestselling book, The Brain's Way of Healing by Norman Doidge, MD.