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Unwinding Your Anxiety

"To every emotional state corresponds a personal conditioned pattern of muscular contraction without which the emotional state has no existence." 

-Moshe Feldenkrais


Habitual tension is profoundly exhausting. It robs us of our energy, restricts our breathing, and over time, can limit our freedom of movement. In addition to causing many physical problems, habitual tension is often linked to anxiety and other related emotional challenges. Habitual tension is not valuable or helpful in any way; it is only detrimental. Therefore, it makes sense to take steps to interrupt and change your own body pattern of stress and anxiety.

Luckily, feeling better is within easy reach. In David Zemach-Bersin's upcoming series, you will learn how to use the hidden capacities of your brain to create a healthier and calmer you. You will gain access to a more harmonious internal state in which your breathing becomes slow and full, movement becomes easier and more pleasurable, and your posture spontaneously improves.

Click here to read a personal story about using the Feldenkrais Method to reduce anxiety.

"I highly recommend David Zemach-Bersin's online classes. I've completed three and keep learning with each new series. David's lessons are excellent, calming yet profound in scope. The Feldenkrais Access website is well organized, and I especially appreciate all the little extras you get for free."

-Ethelle Rabinovich, GCFT

Program includes:

  • Six Awareness Through Movement® lessons
  • Six Q&A sessions
  • Seven short exercises
  • Stream recordings indefinitely
  • Option to download recordings

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About David

David Zemach-Bersin graduated from the first Feldenkrais training held in the U.S.. He directs Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in New York City, and teaches in programs around the world. David has maintained a continual private practice since 1977, working with both adults and children. He is recognized for forty-five years of dedication to the Feldenkrais Method and for his contribution to preserving Dr. Feldenkrais’ legacy. David served as President of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America and is the Co-Founder of Feldenkrais Resources, the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, and the Feldenkrais Foundation. David is known as a warm, highly skilled and enthusiastic teacher. He currently directs Feldenkrais Access, and has been teaching classes online for both Feldenkrais students and Practitioners, and the public, during the past year. He lives in Bucks County, PA.