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We are delighted to present Raz Ori, Feldenkrais Trainer, with an on-demand program to improve your eye health.

Over millions of years, our visual system has evolved to be our dominant sense organ. Exquisitely complex, it allows us to see colors and to perceive the world around us in three dimensions. It gives us peripheral vision as well as the ability to focus on fine details, and it makes it possible for us to detect motion and move while fixing our gaze.

But modern life is altering the way we use our eyes. Today, people of all ages are experiencing eye discomfort, tension, and loss of visual acuity. Why? Because when we focus on screens, our visual system has to work in a very limited and restricted way. Over time, this diminishes the health of our eyes. Without intervention, we can become habituated to using our eyes in ways that lead to eye strain, fatigue, poor circulation, and visual impairments.

Raz Ori has spent the past decade studying the role that our eyes play in our perceptions and actions. In this series, he teaches Feldenkrais lessons to help you improve each aspect key to healthy eyes. Learn new tools for self-care as you discover new ways to improve your ocular circulation and reduce muscular tension. Improve the organization of your eyes individually, together, and with your whole self, and re-activate some of the natural visual biological abilities that are no longer present in our daily life. As your eye health improves, your mobility, posture, balance, and sense of well-being will improve, as well!

Benefits may include:

  • Improved vision
  • Relief from eye strain
  • Increased ocular circulation
  • Fewer tension headaches
  • Easier eye movements
  • Better balance
  • Support for healthy posture and movement

"I've been doing the Healthy Eyes & Vision lessons with Raz Ori DAILY over the past two months. I've noticed significant, subtle changes in my vision. I often go without my glasses, which was something I had been instinctively doing as I could sense my eyes were more relaxed. The central vision in my right eye is compromised with macular degeneration and now my vision has unexpectedly become more articulated."

-DBT, class participant

Program includes:

  • Seven Feldenkrais lessons
  • Three Q&A sessions
  • Three helpful short exercises
  • Lifetime access to recordings
  • Option to download recordings

Payment Options

Pay in US Dollars

$115 USD


Pay in Loonies

$126 CAD


Pay in Euros

€108 EUR


Pay in Pounds

£92 GBP


Pay in Aus Dollars

$145 AUD


Pay in Shekels

₪355 ILS


Pay in Kiwis

$158 NZD

Raz Ori smiling in front of a light background

About Raz

Raz Ori is a Practitioner and Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method®. He has served on the educational staff of training programs in Tel-Aviv, New-York, Germany, Italy, and South Korea, teaching with Ruty Bar, David Zemach-Bersin, and Lior Pessach. He graduated in 2001 from the Tel-Aviv Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, and trained for two more years with Yochanan Rywerant, one of Dr. Feldenkrais’ first students. Raz runs The Ramat-Aviv Feldenkrais Center where he teaches Awareness Through Movement classes and gives individual Functional Integration lessons. Raz gained clinical experience working for 15 years at Clalit Integrative Medicine, part of Israel’s largest public health provider. He has also worked at the Sheba Medical Center with disabled war veterans suffering from chronic pain, phantom limb pain, PTSD, and head injuries. Raz is also a certified JKA practitioner working with special needs children. He teaches advanced trainings and conducts online mentoring groups. Raz lives in Tel-Aviv, with his wife and children.