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We are delighted to welcome Raz Ori back to present a new Feldenkrais class series for improving and restoring the flexibility, agility, and comfort of your knees and the quality of your walking.

Our knees are the largest joints in our body and play a central role in our mobility, ease, and freedom of movement. They support our entire body's weight, in motion, with each step we take. They allow us to move forward and backward, as well as from side to side, safely and continuously. How? Our knees, ankles, hips, and spine work together as a finely-tuned synergistic system of springs. This is what gives us -simultaneously- fluidity and stability in movement.

However, some of our postural habits compromise the health and comfort of our knees. When we are not organized to use our knees effectively, excessive muscular effort, strain, increased wear and tear, pain, and instability can occur.

Feldenkrais lessons provide a safe and effective way to revive the dynamic, healthy use of your knee joints. The lessons presented in this series will improve circulation in the area around your knee joints and help you significantly improve your comfort, range of movement, and sense of stability and balance.

Raz Ori's teaching is clear, detailed, gentle, and educational. This series will help you to understand the functionality of your knees and give you a set of protective and restorative lessons that you can use for self-care. 

Want to know more? Read this interview with Raz Ori about walking patterns and your knees.

These classes may help those who are interested in:

  • Avoiding knee problems
  • Reducing knee inflammation
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  •  Ligament and tendon injuries of the knees
  • Decreasing knee pain
  • Improving stability of the knees
  • Improving balance

"These classes are wonderful. Your way of describing in detail how the whole musculoskeletal system is integrated gives me a more acute understanding of how human anatomy works. Not only does my hip feel better, but my lower back feels better, my spine is more flexible, and my whole being feels freer."

-Ed B, Intelligent Hips participant

Program includes:
  • Six Awareness Through Movement® lessons
  • Two Q&A sessions
  • Set of additional intervention exercises to use throughout the day
  • Lifetime access to recordings and option to download
  • Information to help you adapt the lessons to alternative positions 

Payment Options

Pay in US Dollars

$175 USD


Pay in Loonies

$185 CAD


Pay in Euros

€165 EUR


Pay in Pounds

£142 GBP


Pay in AUD Dollars

$205 AUD


Pay in Shekels

₪480 ILS


About Raz

Raz Ori is a Practitioner and Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method®. He is the Co-director of the Michigan Feldenkrais Professional Training Program and has served on the educational staff of training programs in Tel-Aviv, New York, Germany, Italy, and South Korea, teaching with Ruty Bar, David Zemach-Bersin, and Lior Pessach. He graduated in 2001 from the Tel-Aviv Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, and trained for two more years with Yochanan Rywerant, one of Dr. Feldenkrais’ first students. Raz runs The Ramat-Aviv Feldenkrais Center where he teaches Awareness Through Movement classes and gives individual Functional Integration lessons. Raz gained clinical experience working for 15 years at Clalit Integrative Medicine, part of Israel’s largest public health provider. He has also worked at the Sheba Medical Center with disabled war veterans suffering from chronic pain, phantom limb pain, PTSD, and head injuries. Raz is also a certified JKA practitioner working with special needs children. He teaches advanced trainings and conducts online mentoring groups. Raz lives in Tel-Aviv, with his wife and children.