Knee Pain & the Feldenkrais Method

feldenkrais lessons Apr 18, 2024
by David Zemach-Bersin

Chronic knee pain was one of the catalysts in the development of the Feldenkrais Method. Dr. Feldenkrais, a Physicist, Engineer, and Judo Master, had suffered a series of injuries that had resulted in a painful knee problem that threatened his ability to walk. Hoping to avoid surgery -which at that time was more invasive and less sophisticated than it is today- Dr. Feldenkrais began to study how posture and movement are organized in the brain. He found that it is possible for us to engage our own neuroplasticity to benefit our body and created a process of sensory-motor learning that allows for new neural connections and results in dramatically better musculoskeletal organization and efficiency. Thanks to his studies and discoveries, Dr. Feldenkrais was able to avoid surgery and walk for the rest of his life. Fortunately, he continued his explorations and developed an approach that enriches and helps us today.

In Intelligent Knees for Better Walking with Raz Ori, we have a serious at-home program for remediating knee pain and maintaining healthy knees. Raz is an outstanding Feldenkrais teacher with a profound understanding of biomechanics. With this program, you can give your knees the support they need for healthy movement. Try the first class for free!


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