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"I walked towards the mirror and I looked like a different person: straight and elegant without effort!"




Nineteen Feldenkrais Audio-only Lessons to Help Restore Your Postural Health

Your posture matters. It influences the way you carry yourself through life and encounter the world. Partially self-created, your postural habits reflect aspects of your early development, your physical history, your habits of self-use, and your relationship to your environment. 

Healthy posture is: when your skeleton is organized to carry your weight in a comfortable, balanced way without straining your musculature. It’s a feeling of being fundamentally supported while upright, uplifted, and able to move around with ease. Healthy posture is stable yet flexible and helps to promote a general sense of well-being.

Unhealthy posture is: being upright without sufficient skeletal support. This typically causes excessive muscular contraction which compresses the body and pulls it forward. With ineffective skeletal organization it is harder to hold yourself upright against gravity, and your muscles have to do the work that your skeleton should be doing. People with poor posture are more likely to feel tense, achy, tired, and less energetic.

The nineteen Feldenkrais exercises or 'lessons' in this program are effective tools for your self-care. Interacting with your nervous system on behalf of your body, they are designed to reduce back pain and facilitate the development of new postural habits which are protective, shock-absorbing, and improve your balance and ease of movement. Audio-only.

Twelve-plus hour program includes:
  • Nineteen ATM lessons
  • Three discussions
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • Option to download videos
Lessons included:
  1. Gaining Length Through Folding, Part 1
  2. A More Supple Spine
  3. Gaining Length through Folding, Part 2
  4. Organizing Your Back to Stand Tall
  5. Lengthening from Your Feet to Your Head
  6. Swinging Your Legs to Improve Your Spine
  7. Lengthening Through a Simple Twist
  8. Lengthening Through Bending
  9. Freeing Your Pelvis
  10. Freeing Your Head and Neck for Better Posture
  11. Easy Standing
  12. Your Best Sitting Posture
  13. Arching for Better Posture
  14. Freeing Your Arms for Better Posture
  15. Better Posture Through Elongation
  16. Your Highest Point
  17. Sitting to Stand
  18. The Full Mobility of Your Spine
  19. Mobilizing Your Spine for Your Best Posture

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Marek Wyszynski and David Zemach-Bersin sitting shoulder to shoulder smiling in front of bright background

About Marek

Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP, is a Physical Therapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner, and President and Clinical Director of Physical Therapy and Feldenkrais® NYC. Marek is a member of the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network and has worked extensively with people suffering from pain, orthopedic and neurological problems, and also with athletes and performing artists since 1991. Marek teaches Feldenkrais workshops for the public and conducts continuing education programs for physical therapists and health professionals.

About David

David Zemach-Bersin, GCFP, studied with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in person and graduated from the first Feldenkrais Training Program held in the U.S. He is a warm, experienced teacher and a Feldenkrais Trainer recognized for his high level of expertise and forty-five years of dedication to the Feldenkrais Method. David has maintained a private practice since 1977. He currently directs Feldenkrais Access and has been creating programs and teaching classes and workshops online for both Feldenkrais Practitioners and the public since 2020. He lives in the Farmington Valley area of Connecticut.