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To help you through these challenging times, David Zemach-Bersin has recorded five free Soothe & Calm audio exercises. Safe and short, these sensory-learning exercises are 18-25 minutes long and will bring your brain and body back to a relaxed, restorative neurological state.

Rotating Hands

Moving Your Arms

Soft Hands on Your Side

Soft Hands on Your Back

Soft Hands with Your Feet

To do the exercise, please find a comfortable place to lie down. You can lie on a mat, rug, or blanket on the floor. If you lay on a bed, move the pillows out of the way, so you can rest flat on your back. 
To communicate clearly with your brain and nervous system:

  • Do each movement slowly
  • Use minimal muscular effort
  • Make each movement small
  • Make each movement easy and comfortable
  • Rest for a moment between each movement
  • Don’t do any movements that are uncomfortable
  • Don’t push, force, stretch or make an effort.
  • Turn your attention inward so you can sense and feel yourself.
  • When the lesson is over, notice everything that feels different. Your awareness is powerful!
If you find these exercises helpful, explore our lesson library and our YouTube page. If this is your first experience with the Feldenkrais Method, please read our User's Guide.
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