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access news Jan 04, 2021
Hi! My name is Ira. I am the Managing Director of Feldenkrais Access. Though I usually hide in the background, I wanted to come to the foreground for a minute in order to talk to you about Feldenkrais Access's scholarship program.
When we began announcing live online classes this year, we put a notice at the bottom of every email saying "Scholarships available." I thought those two words would be enough to encourage people to reach out. I was wrong. What was needed was an invitation. We've been doing our best to invite you to apply for a scholarship via our emails and FB posts over the last few weeks. Maybe you've seen them?
There has been a theme to the emails that have arrived since we've started promoting this program: people feel bad asking for one. Maybe they already received a scholarship from us early this year, or they feel like the series is worth more than they can pay, or they've never had to ask for a scholarship before, and it is an uncomfortable place to be. This has led me to wonder how many more people are out there, wanting to join us online but are hesitant to ask, so I thought I'd reach out personally, put a name to a face, let you know who will be answering your email if you send one and let you in on a little secret. The two highlights of my workday are the following: 
  1. Reading an email from someone who is feeling better after trying one of our lessons, and
  2. Giving someone a scholarship.
Why? Because for one moment in these isolating pandemic days, I'm able to connect with another human and offer them something that can help ease, (however slightly!) the toll that this pandemic has taken on our bodies, our hearts, and our souls. So please, if you want to join us in 2021, but are unable to do due so because of limited funds, reach out to me via email at [email protected]. The Feldenkrais Method helps; we're all in this together!

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