Knee Awareness at 44

Ira Feinstein, Managing Director

Lately, it seems as though people with knee problems have surrounded me. Knee bursitis has resulted in my mother-in-law's inability to walk confidently without a cane. A close friend had ACL surgery this summer and told me rehab became her 'full-time job' for the first two months afterward. Another friend is holding off on getting ACL surgery but is now limited in how far she can walk. Once able to go on a ten-mile hike without thinking twice, she's now lucky if she can walk a quarter of a mile without needing to sit down.

At 44, despite over a decade of playing soccer, I've been able to avoid any significant knee problems, but lately, I've noticed that my movements have changed. I can no longer turn on a dime without feeling something in my knee tighten up. Distant memories of relatives hurting themselves by "just moving wrong" have started to replay in my mind. In my twenties and thirties, I didn't know what this meant. Now I do. 

Luckily, unlike my relatives, I know that Feldenkrais lessons can help me decrease the likelihood of having that "I just moved wrong" moment, which is why I'm so excited for Knee Relief! It is the first time Feldenkrais Access is offering a live online workshop specifically for the knees, and I can't wait to see how I feel post-workshop. If knee health is also of interest to you, I hope you'll join us for two 'first-aid' oriented, pain-relieving lessons taught by David Zemach-Bersin to help restore the health and comfort of your knees.

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