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June 22-23

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Good organization of the arms and upper body in relationship to the pelvis and legs is key to our comfort, balance, precision, and ability in many sports-related activities. This workshop with Dwight Pargee will be relevant to athletes of all levels. It will improve your self-use when swinging a racquet, paddle, club, or bat. It will also improve your ability to engage in non-sports-related activities that involve reaching.


What's it like to study with David? 

"David’s lovely, humble, and straightforward simplicity of instruction is indicative of his depth of experience. I felt safe and eager to explore each "chapter" as we went along in this journey of attention and I look forward to what is yet to come." -Christina Cramer

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Raz Ori has spent over a decade studying the role that our eyes play in our perceptions and actions. In this program, he teaches Feldenkrais lessons to help you improve each aspect key to healthy eyes. Discover new ways to improve your ocular circulation and reduce muscular tension. Improve the organization of your eyes individually, together, and with your whole self, and re-activate some of the natural visual biological abilities that are no longer present in our daily life.


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