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May 18-June 22

Live online or via recording

Tension in the chest affects the movement of our diaphragm and our breathing, producing feelings of apprehension and often causing us to feel caught in a cycle of tension and anxiety. This series with David Zemach-Bersin will help you regain the suppleness and flexibility of your chest. You'll feel younger, more vital, and more alive! Free class May 18.


June 17

Live online or via recording

Four Feldenkrais lessons to help our sphincter muscles – also called "ring muscles" – keep everything circulating efficiently within us. These important muscles work with our diaphragm to organize our breathing, digestion, and blood and lymph circulation. Taught by Maggy Burrows.


June 29-August 3

Live online or via recording

We are delighted to announce this six-week series of classes with guest Feldenkrais Teacher, Carol Kress, exploring a set of Feldenkrais lessons to potentiate your yoga and meditation practices. You will discover a greater sense of authenticity and interconnectedness, improved ease and coordination, better balance and breathing, and a fuller and more comfortable range of movement. Free class June 29.


What's it like to study with David? 

"David’s lovely, humble, and straightforward simplicity of instruction is indicative of his depth of experience. I felt safe and eager to explore each "chapter" as we went along in this journey of attention and I look forward to what is yet to come." -Christina Cramer

New Releases!

Now Available On-Demand

This on-demand program with Raz Ori will help you understand your hips and give you protective and restorative hip-care lessons that you can use for effective self-care. The lessons in will benefit the circulation of the tissues around your hip joints and improve your comfort, range of movement, and sense of stability and balance. Try the first lesson for free!


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