Practitioner-Focused Summer Sale

access news May 31, 2024
Most of us became Feldenkrais Practitioners because we saw the potential for a Functional Integration lesson to change the trajectory of someone's life, and to heal seemingly insurmountable problems.
Giving effective lessons requires learning how to blend technique with creativity and improvisation. A successful sixty-minute lesson might 'ask' the Practitioner to pull from hundreds of hours of experience.
Teaching others how to give such lessons is a unique skill in its own right--often the result of a lifetime of study and dedication. At Feldenkrais Access, we are lucky to be able to offer Functional Integration-focused programs by some of the most experienced and admired FI teachers of our time: Ruthy Alon, Dennis Leri, Olena Nitefor, and David Zemach-Bersin.
Our on-demand programs can provide you with hours of in-depth Functional Integration study that you can return to again and again. As we begin our Summer Sale, we'd like to offer you 40% off our FI-focused on-demand programs from now till June 30*.
Here's a taste of what's in our store:

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