May Flash Sale

access news May 20, 2024


During our May Flash Sale, we're offering 40% off the following online Feldenkrais programs: 

  • How to Survive Sitting: Learn to maintain your flexibility and freedom of movement while sitting! This seven-lesson program is designed to help you reduce the stress of sitting on your skeletal system and musculature. It is taught by David Zemach-Bersin. Sale: $71.40 (Reg $119)
  • Reducing Your Body Pattern of Stress & Anxiety: A series of seven Feldenkrais lessons and seven short exercises designed to help you reduce symptoms of anxiety. Benefits include a greater ability to manage stress and improved overall well-being. Taught by David Zemach-Bersin. Sale: $71.40 (Reg $119)
  • Posture for LifeThis program by David Zemach-Bersin stimulates new neural pathways in your brain to support the development of healthy posture, freedom of movement, and a greater sense of well-being. Each lesson will help you to dissolve old postural habits. Sale: $89.40 (Reg $149)
  • Liberate Your SpineThis original series will help you discover your spine's full potential when liberated from habits and patterns of overuse and neglect. David Zemach-Bersin teaches eight effective Feldenkrais lessons to nurture & support your self-care. Sale: $83.40 (Reg $139)

Save through Thursday, May 23.



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